Mobile Recording and Live Sound

Location recording at Anini
Location Recording at Anini Beach – Acoustic Trio – I call these the “Tiny Beach Sessions”

From music recording on location to sound for picture, the sky is the limit. Using any number of portable recording systems, a custom-tailored setup is required for any location recording. For music and larger productions with more mics, the Tascam Model 24 mixer/recorder is the perfect solution to capture as many inputs as necessary with flexible mixing, playback monitoring, and even on-board effects processing.

For sound for picture (i.e. film, commercial, documentary), Sennheiser G4 Wireless lavalier mics and the Sennheiser 416 shotgun mic work perfectly with a small 4 track wireless recorder. This works perfectly for capturing live sound on the go, especially in places where battery power is a must.

South Side Recording for Kawaiola Productions

Live Recording on the bluff – I call these the “Tiny Bluff Sessions”

With my film crew – Mello Films

Location recording Koke’e State Park – Full band!

PA and Live Sound Reinforcement are another specialty – FULL PA systems available, large or small. Here are a few setups:

Full Band for The Green at Kauai Beach Resort

Art in the Park at Common Ground for Sashamon!