Voice Over and Podcast Recording/Editing

Mauka View is a modest but spacious climate-controlled studio, featuring a heavy-duty isolation booth, designed specifically for voice recording. The booth can be setup in many configurations, but is ready to roll with video monitor for ADR sync, as well as webcam for Skype sessions. Mauka View Studio is THE destination studio for traveling actors to pick up a few lines, record a Podcast, or a few pages for any script or project that needs to get back to the mainland or abroad in a hurry. With Source Connect, high fidelity, real-time audio streams (with optional timecode lock) are at the ready.

Music Recording, Mixing, and Mastering

Tracking acoustic guitar and vocals is easy here. Or bringing in tracks from home to mix or add to. Plus, with one of the only spaces on Kauai's North Shore capable of tracking an acoustic drumset, Mauka View is your place for music projects of all genres. The studio features a state-of-the-art Pro Tools system, with all of the best plugins, ranging from Universal Audio, Antares (Auto Tune), Waves, iZotope, Plugin Alliance and many more. Andrew's engineering, producing, mixing and mastering experience make this an easy, comfortable environment to craft your music in.

Mobile Recording and Live Sound

With a wide selection of location recording gear, let me bring the studio to you! From music on location (such as at the beach, in your house, or at your favorite spot), or even mobile audio for a video shoot, no task is too tricky. A Tascam Model 24 mixer/recorder allows for up to 24 tracks of live mix to be recorded simultaneously, ON location! Or, for documentary or film projects, choose to go with a battery-powered 4 track portable recorder system, which work great in tandem with the pair of Sennheiser G4 Wireless lav packs, or Sennheiser 416 shotgun on a boom pole.